Unfortunate events happen.  We understand how important settling your case is for you, your family and your life situation.  Recently we have been able to help people from various backgrounds who were involved in very difficult circumstances.

Through our work we have been able to help victims and their families pay for medical expenses, loss income, children’s education and living expenses for years to come.  Below are a few of our recent cases.

$2.5 million – automobile accident

The client came to us because she had been hit head on by a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on an interstate highway.  What happened was that an ongoing police chase had gotten out of control.  Police protocol said that officers should have abandoned the high speed chase for public safety reasons – however officers chose to continue the pursuit.

The client, a young mother of two children suffered partial paralysis when the fugitive’s car hit her head on, as the fugitive traveled in the wrong direction on an off-ramp.  This was a devastating situation for our client and her young family. Fortunately we were able to secure a $2.5 million settlement, which will allow our client (with the help of a financial planner) to be set for life from a monetary perspective.  The funds will also help her provide her two young children with a college education, and pay for any future medical expenses.

$1.5 million – motorcycle accident 

Our client in this case was an avid Harley Davidson rider.  What we see occur quite frequently is that automobile drivers do not see motorcycle riders.  Often times people who ride motorcycles are “invisible” to automobile drivers.  Such was the case with our client.

Our client was traveling on a highway when an automobile passed him on the left hand side.  The automobile then turned into the right hand lane, and cut off our client on the motorcycle.  Our client was then propelled onto the vehicle and slid forward over the hood of the car.  As a result of the crash our client spent a month in intensive care and had numerous operations to rebuild his chest area.

$180,000 – slip and fall

The client in this case was a care taker for adults with disabilities.  She worked at a home that stored provisions and equipment in the basement of the home.  To get to the basement our client had to walk down a staircase that did not have hand rails.

One day our client lost her balance on the steps, and due to lack of hand rails, fell off the staircase.  She severely broke her ankle, requiring surgery and hardware.  Her settlement helped pay for medical needs, surgery, loss of income and overall pain and suffering.

$250,000 – nursing home claim

Our client in this case was a 98 year old man who was living in a Rhode Island nursing home.  Our client was at a high risk of falling, and thus was required to have a two person assist for any type of movement.  In other words, if he was to be moved from his bed to his wheelchair, his categorization as high risk of fall required that two people assist him.

Unfortunately our client only received a one person assist one day while using the bathroom.  The attending aid then left our client unattended.  Our client was not able to maintain his balance on his own, and subsequently fell forward – hitting his forehead directly on the tile floor.

A fall like this at his advanced age caused a subdural hematoma, which is bleeding on the brain.  Unfortunately our client died as a result of the injury.  Because of his age we had to fight hard to receive a $250,000 settlement for his case.

$500,000 – workman’s compensation

This tragic case involved a middle aged man who was making a delivery in Brockton, Massachusetts during the winter.  The victim in this tragedy backed up his delivery truck to a loading dock as he had countless times before.  This particular ramp was on a steep, near 45 degree incline, and the pavement was wet and slick from a light snow.

The victim went to the back of the truck to open the doors when the truck’s air brakes failed.  The large truck then slid down the incline and pinned the man against the loading dock. Unfortunately the man died as a result of the accident.

Due to the complexities of workman’s compensation, a $500,000 settlement is one of the highest settlements ever seen in Massachusetts for such a case.  It is very difficult to obtain a lump sum settlement in workman’s compensation cases.  Fortunately we were able to secure this settlement, which was used by the victim’s wife to purchase a home and fund their children’s education.

$150,000 – premises liability

This case involved an elderly woman in her late sixties who was living in a low income housing complex in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  One particular morning the woman received a knock on the door from a man who demanded money from her.  The confrontation ended with the man stabbing the elderly woman three times in the neck.  Sadly the woman passed away as a result of the incident.

The man who stabbed her was a known criminal who had been frequently in and out of jail.  This man was visiting a neighboring apartment the day of the incident.  Because the apartment complex has a sign-in system we were able to sue the complex on the basis that a man with such a violent criminal tendency should never have been allowed into the apartments.

Due to the complexities of this incident, most personal injury lawyers and firms refused to work on the case..  However we believed that there were grounds for legal action, and after months of work we were able to secure a $150,000 settlement, which went to the grown child of the victim.

$75,000 – defective product

The client in this case was working on an hourly basis for a small contractor.  The contractor provided our client with an old and out dated hand saw, which our client used to cut boards.  As our client was cutting a board, the saw kicked back and sliced his Achilles tendon in half.

The saw should have had a guard that would prevent such an accident, however it did not.  This was a difficult case  because it was impossible to prove that the contractor was the owner of the saw.  The fact that the saw was very old and out of warranty made the case even more challenging.  Despite this we were able to secure a $75,000 settlement for our client which helped him account for lost income, medical bills and various other expenses.


Personal injury settlements like these are possible…but only with the help of a qualified Massachusetts and Rhode Island personal injury attorney.

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