Construction Site Injuries

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How a RI Construction Site Accident Lawyer or a Massachusetts Construction Site Injury Attorney Can Help

Rhode Island and Massachusetts construction sites can be dangerous; what’s worse, the hazards which often cause construction site injuries can often be prevented. A MA RI construction site accident lawyer may be able to help.
If you’ve sustained construction site injuries, you may be entitled to financial compensation to help you cover hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, scarring and disability.

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    MA Rhode Island Construction Site Accident Lawyers Can Help

    If you or one of your coworkers is the victim of construction site accident in Rhode Island, Massachusetts or Cape Cod, call a construction site personal injury attorney as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment.

    You can reach a Rhode Island or Massachusetts construction site injury lawyer by calling the Kevin P Landry Law Offices at (800)-200-7752 or by filling out our contact form.

    As Construction Site Accident Lawyers, We Handle Construction Site Injury Cases

    At the Kevin P Landry Law Offices, we know the RI and MA court systems – and we also know how to handle construction site injuries within the court systems. If you’ve suffered construction site injuries due to someone’s negligence, carelessness or wrongdoing, our team of expert lawyers can help you get financial compensation you deserve.

    Construction Site Injuries? Free Consultation

    We understand that construction site injuries can disrupt your entire life. Our team of professional lawyers will be glad to meet with you in your home, hospital room or in one of our eighteen RI, MA and Cape Cod locations.

    Simply let us know what’s easiest for you and we’ll handle the rest. Our lawyers are well-versed in the laws that govern RI and MA construction site injuries, and your initial consultation is completely free. Our RI construction site accident lawyers will take care of your case.

    You Deserve the Best Rhode Island and Massachusetts Construction Site Lawyers

    You deserve an MA RI construction site injury lawyers who will fight for your rights.

    Our excellent track record and expert knowledge of construction site injuries can help bring you the results you deserve. Call Kevin P Landry Law Offices at (800)-200-7752 to speak with an attorney licensed in Rhode Island or Massachusetts about construction site injuries and receive your free initial consultation.


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