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There are many fine attorneys in New Bedford, but who is the best personal injury lawyer New Bedford MA?

best personal injury lawyer new bedford ma Who Are The Best New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyers? (Reviews/Ratings) Who Are The Best New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyers? (Reviews/Ratings) best personal injury lawyer new bedford maEvery year, our New Bedford personal injury lawyers help dozens of New Bedford residents with their personal injures.

We handle hundreds of calls to our 18 offices and New Bedford is a city we just love to serve.

Maybe its the rich history, the whaling museum in downtown New Bedford or the fact that like so many Massachusetts towns, there is a rich historical tradition.

New Bedford: Rich In History and Tradition

Like we wrote about in our Warwick personal injury lawyer post, New Bedford also has strong Civil War ties as well.

Not many people know this but New Bedford was the home of many of the brave African-Americans who were a part of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment.

Don’t know the 54th?

If you saw the movie Glory with Denzel Washington, you know the 54th.

The 54th fought gallantly on the ill-fated assault on Fort Wagner in South Carolina. Nearly every man perished in that attack.

Although this is highly debated among historians, Washington’s character was patterned after an African-American from New Bedford…

And the man in charge of the 54th was Robert Gould Shaw (played by none other than a post-Ferris Bueller Matthew Broderick).

Gould is one of those interesting historical figures in that he was reluctant leader chosen to lead a military unit disparaged by his white officer colleagues. They lacked respect, pride as well as much needed discipline. Gould gave them all three.

And boy, was he brave.

Against hellish fire from Fort Wagner, Shaw valiantly led his men to battle against the near impenetrable defenses – at one point climbing a parapet and shouting, “Forward, Fifty-Fourth Forward!”

According to the eye-witness reports, he was shot at that very moment…and actually fell dead on the walls of the fort itself.

His ability to fight for what was right, to not only help preserve the Union, but to also fight for the respect, pride and honor of the only black regiment in the Union army – was the stuff of legend.

When you are down…there’s no substitute for the services of a valiant leader to assist you when your need is the greatest.

When Looking For The Best Personal Injury Lawyer New Bedford MA – Results Matter…

And as New Bedford personal injury lawyers, we are proud to assist the people of New Bedford in any way we can at our offices on 448 County Street Suite B  in New Bedford in leading them against in the fight for what is rightfully theirs when they have been wronged by another.

Just like Robert Gould Shaw helped the 54th to establish itself as one of the bravest military units in military history…

Often times, when we  get a call from a potential client, we are asked the question if we are the best personal injury lawyers New Bedford MA. There are certainly some good ones for sure.

But do they all really know New Bedford like we know New Bedford?

As New Bedford personal injury lawyers, we have worked on our clients behalf to win some very substantial settlements – some of whom have been injured in slip and falls, car accidents, medical malpractice and every other kind of personal injury including nursing home claims, defective products and motorcycle accidents.

Who’s The Best New Bedford Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many excellent personal injury lawyers practicing in Massachusetts. At The Kevin P Landry Law Offices, we have a deep and profound respect for all our personal injury colleagues in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

But if you’re injured in New Bedford and you have a legitimate case, the real proof is in the results…not in the lip service.

So call around if need be, do your research. But regardless of which personal injury lawyer you choose, choose one that has your best interest in mind and really knows New Bedford and has a long tradition of serving New Bedford residents.

And if you just so happen to choose our Massachusetts and Rhode Island personal injury law firm, I guarantee you that like Robert Gould Shaw helped the 54th to fight for what was right, we will do the same for you.

And in the process, as personal injury lawyers New Bedford MA really trust, we will do everything win our power to help you win your case.

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