Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer News: Dennis Car Crash Kills Yarmouth Man

cape cod car accident lawyer Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer News:  Dennis Car Crash Kills Yarmouth Man Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer News:  Dennis Car Crash Kills Yarmouth Man woman car crash

With the victims family most likely in need of a competent Cape Cod car accident lawyer, a two car head on car accident tragically left one person dead over this past weekend. The deceased was identified as Jeffrey Kaplan of West Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

Mr. Kaplan was pronounced dead at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis on Sunday.

The Cape Cod car accident occurred just before 1PM on Route 28 in West Dennis according tot he Dennis police record. The investigation showed that the driver was driving 2002 Lincoln Navigator. The Lincoln Navigator collided with a 2007 Ford Fusion driven by motorist Margaret Snyder and her husband.

Although alcohol was originally not included as a probable cause, police are investigating that as a probable cause as well.

The couple who were injured were a couple from New York, they luckily escaped injury and were also taken to Cape Cod Hospital.

At this point in time, police are investigating the cause of the car crash. As a Cape Cod car accident lawyer, these kinds of car accidents occur all too frequently and we have represented multiple victims of these kinds of car accidents which occur on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyers and Cape Cod Roads

Cape Cod roads are notoriously heavy with traffic – even in the off season – and its extremely important or all drivers to be extremely careful when driving, even in the fall when road conditions are less congested with tourists.

However with the population increases on Cape Cod, we as Cape Cod car accident lawyers are seeing a huge increase in car accidents on Cape Cod, particularly on windy roads like those on Route 28.

When you drive on these roads, wear your seatbelt and keep your yes on the road. Don’t be distracted by text messages, in fact, put your cell phone away from you so you’re not even tempted to look at it.

Distracted driving in Cape Cod is a huge problem which cause hundreds of car accidents each year. The best medicine is to not even look at your phone when that tempting “bing” goes off on your phone.

Smart phones are smart…but picking up text messages, browsing the Internet or checking Facebook while driving in Cape Cod is not. Make the right choice, ignore your text messages. Distracted driving ends up in car accidents.

Or if you do have to respond, pull over your car and respond to the message instead.

Do I Immediately Call A Cape Cod Car Accident Lawyer?

No. If you are in a car accident, seek medical treatment first and foremost – most especially if you are injured. Then take the next logical and smart step to call a Cape Cod car accident lawyer who can help you navigate through the insurance minefield that you are likely to to face once you start to file your claims.

Insurance companies do not want to pay out for claims what they should so if you feel you are being mistreated, call a Cape Cod car accident attorney firm like ours. Don’t make the mistake of thing in that the insurance company is on your side. Your Cape Cod-based car crash lawyer is on your side.

Call us so we really can help you.

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