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The motorcycle accident attorney Cumberland RI trusts most investigates the story of what is believed to be the oldest veterans memorial in the United States.

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With Memorial Day just a few short days ago, I thought I would look into a little known piece of history in the town of one of my offices, Cumberland, RI.

As a Cumberland RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney I truly feel that story behind The Nine Men’s Misery tomb couldn’t be more relevant for Memorial Day.

These men risked their lives for the colonies and for a great country that had yet to be formed. We have them to thank as well as the countless soldiers that have done so much for us. That’s why I thought I would bring this story to light for those who haven’t heard it.

King Philip’s War

The Story of the Nine Men’s Misery tomb began in the wake of King Philip’s War. This war was caused by conflict between the Native American inhabitants of New England and the English colonists with their Native American allies. Lasting from 1675-1678, this war was named after Metacomet, or known to the English as “King Philip” who was the main leader of the Native American Side. During this war, Native American Warriors ruined more than half of New England’s Towns.

It was during the King Philip’s War  Michael Pierce, a strong willed captain and leader brought about 60 colonial soldiers and 20 Wampanoag allies to fight the Narragansett Indians that had ruined a number of Rhode Island towns and attacked Plymouth, MA. Pierce and his troops were able to catch up to the Narragansetts but sadly; they were attacked in Central Falls, RI. For most of the day the two sides fought in what is remembered as one of the largest defeats of the colonists during the King Philip’s War. Just about all the colonial troops were killed in this battle, as well as Captain Pierce. Pierce’s fight was followed by the burning of Providence three days later. But the war was slowly coming to an end at this point, and in August of the same year, King Philip himself was killed.

Nine colonists that died in Pierce’s battle were captured and taken by the Narragansett Indians. They were brutally tortured and killed by the Indians in Cumberland at the current location of the Cumberland Monastery and Library. A tenth soldier was also among these prisoners but was lucky enough to survive. The nine men’s bodies were discovered  by English soldiers in 1676. The soldiers also made a pile of stones that would mark the spot of the fallen colonists. As a Cumberland RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney I find it amazing that this simple pile of stones has memorialized the site ever since 1676.

Cumberland RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney | Tomb Disturbances

The Nine Men’s Misery memorial was disrupted in 1790 by a group of medical students in search of the corpse of one of the nine soldiers, Benjamin Bucklin, who supposedly had a double row of teeth. What makes this Cumberland Motorcycle Accident Attorney proud is that outraged locals stopped them, and the site was disturbed many more times until the Monks cemented a stone cairn or landmark on the site that can still stands today. 

As a Cumberland RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney of course I love this story. Although it is sad that these nine soldiers lost their lives, their memorial has been maintained and appreciated ever since 1676, that’s a long time. The site is definitely something to go check out for all you history fanatics out there. But be sure to watch out for the ghosts as there has been a few accounts of ghost sitings of a man on a horse, a monk, and a child.

Cumberland RI Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As a Cumberland RI Motorcycle accident Attorney I can only hope to have as much heart as those soldiers.

But learning their story certainly inspires me to continue to do good in our communities.

That’s why I want to help you with your case.

Motorcycle riders are important to me, and I have been serving them for years.

If you need a motorcycle accident attorney, I’m your guy.

Not only do I understand the RI Court systems, but I know a lot about the rights that motorcyclists are entitled to.

But a Cumberland RI motorcycle accident attorney will help you get the compensation – should you be seriously injured – that you are entitled to.

I know my stuff and I understand that injuries occur even during accidents that are termed “minor” motorcycle crashes.

An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer is able to deal with hospitals, insurance companies, as well as the other party’s lawyers on your behalf.

You can focus on recovery and leave the rest to us.

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