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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New Bedford MA comments on Lewis Temple and his revolutionary invention the Toggling Harpoon

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New Bedford MA Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New Bedford MA | Whaling In New Bedford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New Bedford MA | Whaling In New Bedford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New Bedford MA Whaling In New BedfordIf you live near New Bedford, you know about its link to whaling.

As a motorcycle accident lawyer New Bedford MA, I know the ties that this town has with whaling.

Whaling is a huge part of the history in New Bedford, and always has been.

As most New Bedford residents know, early New Bedford was a major whaling port and in the 18th century, whaling merchants from Nantucket were attracted to the area and turned it into one of the top whaling cities in the country.

The industry provided many people with jobs – but there was never a dependable method for hunting and whales were able to disengage themselves from the whaler’s harpoons.

Despite the lack of advancement, New Bedford and Nantucket dominated the whaling industry together. I recently learned that it wasn’t until 1848 that we were introduced to the toggling harpoon – and then everything in New Bedford changed.

Temple’s Incredible Toggling Harpoon

Lewis Temple is to thank for this useful invention that revolutionized the industry and put New Bedford on top of Nantucket and gave it bragging rights for the whaling crown.

Temple was a blacksmith, abolitionist, and inventor who lived in New Bedford and had his own whale-craft store without having any experience with whaling.

As a motorcycle accident lawyer New Bedford MA trusts most, I found it interesting that even though he had minimal skill, his store was so successful that he had to expand to a larger store. This kinds of resourcefulness intrigues me.

Temple made it a goal to develop an improved harpoon that would be able to withstand the unforgiving strength of the large whales that would try to escape. In 1848 he invented the “toggling harpoon” or sometimes called “Temple’s Toggle”.

His harpoon featured a turning head that stayed embedded in the whale. Temple’s harpoon was a huge success, but it was never patented. Many blacksmiths tried copying the device, but Temple was so popular in the community that he had to build a third shop that was even larger than the second.

Temple’s Downfall

Sadly, while his new shop was being built,Temple fell into a nearby hole and lost his ability to work. The hole was due to city construction – and Temple, taking the law into his own hands, was able to successfully sue the city.

And although he never hired a New Bedford MA personal injury lawyer, he won a settlement for $2,000 all on his own!

However, Temple never received payment because he passed away a few weeks later from his injuries.

At the time of his death, the city owed Temple much more than $2,000. His invention had transformed the whaling industry in New Bedford and had helped countless whalers to enjoy the bounty and the riches of whaling.

Experts today say that Temple’s Harpoon was the most important invention there ever was in the history of whaling.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer New Bedford MA Remembers Lewis Temple

Although Temple may not have been appreciated back in the day, we can certainly thank him now for his inventions. A statue of Lewis Temple stands in front of the New Bedford Public Library in downtown New Bedford and is another great place to check out.

As a motorcycle accident lawyer New Bedford MA I love learning about the notable people who lived in this town far before us.

Temple was able to give back to his community the same way I try to do with my clients.

It’s true, I simply want to help motorcycle accident victims with their cases to the best of my ability.

No matter the severity of the accident, injuries can occur.

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