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The most trusted New Bedford malpractice attorney informs you of the mistakes that doctors make very often and why they do not want you to know about them. 

New Bedford Malpractice Attorney | Mistakes Hospitals Want To Hide New Bedford Malpractice Attorney | The Mistakes Hospitals Want To Hide New Bedford Malpractice Attorney | The Mistakes Hospitals Want To Hide spinalClaire was walking through airport security when suddenly the metal detectors went off. But the guards had no clue why.

Finally she was able to board her flight. But as soon as she got home she went in to the hospital for an X-Ray.

To Claire’s surprise, the X-Ray displayed a retractor, a quite large surgical instrument that was idiotically left there after a recent surgery.

You may think this is a rare story, but these things happen more often than most people are aware of. These types of mistakes have a term used by doctors, “foreign objects retained after surgery”, just one of the scary situations in the category “serious adverse events”.

Patients have enough to worry about before a surgery and should not have to be concerned with these kind of outrageous errors. The other name that healthcare uses for these events that should never occur are “never events”.

Patients become victims to these mistakes approximately eleven times per day. And the number of surgical and nonsurgical never events combined is about two hundred times per day.

New Bedford Malpractice Attorney | The Nine Common Mistakes Of Doctors

Employers are furious about these ridiculous mistakes by hospitals and are sick of having to pay for never events. Recently, they have created purchasing principles including a refusal to pay for never events.

And after a set of battles, Medicare started making hospitals report on some of the never events publicly including these nine events:

1.Foreign object left after surgery

2. Pressure ulcers

3. Air embolism

4. Trauma or falling

5. Breathing failure post-surgery

6. Collapsed lung as a result of medical treatment

7. Postoperative dangerous blood clots

8. Unintentional wounds or cuts due to medical treatment

9. Wounds splitting open after surgery

To a New Bedford malpractice attorney none of those sound particularly pleasant and all of them could be prevented if the doctors weren’t careless. These nine events were used to create letter grades for safety for hospitals.

Certain hospitals have a higher number of these events than the others. The public should have the right access to this knowledge.

New Bedford Malpractice Attorney | AHA Backlash

There has been some effort by the AHA or American Hospital Association to fight these letter grades. They believe that the government was calculating them in a manner that is unfair to hospitals.

But the national coalition of unions or the Consumer-Purchaser Disclosure Project wrote in a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services that we cannot afford to delay the process of reporting these events and cannot wait until they are reported in perfect measures.

We can only hope that the government and hospitals will somehow work together to have full transparency for the public.

This information should not be suppressed and with the right response from Congress, consumer and purchaser advocates may have the support they need to protect patients’ rights.

Closing Comments

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