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An experienced Plymouth MA scarring claim lawyer gives you an overview of scarring claims, the different product liability situations out there, and why you should call a scarring claim lawyer today.

Plymouth MA Scarring Claim Lawyer | Scarring & Disfigurement Overview Plymouth MA Scarring Claim Lawyer | Scarring & Disfigurement Overview Plymouth MA Scarring Claim Lawyer | Scarring & Disfigurement Overview scarring claimsAny victim of heat and chemical and heat burns, abrasion, or mechanical damage from a manufacturer’s or someone else’s negligence can file a scarring and disfigurement lawsuit.

The most common types of scarring lawsuits are from burning hot liquids, road rash, and dog bites.

There are many people whose negligence can cause a serious scar.

For instance, a driver who reacts late to a motorcyclist can result in the rider having “road rash” from rolling or sliding across the street during the accident.

A mother or father could accidentally knock over a pot of boiling water onto their child. In cases like this, the scarring or disfigurement was not the fault of the motorcycle rider or the child.

Plymouth MA Scarring Claim Lawyer | Product Liability Situations

But in out highly industrial society, defective products can be the cause for many scarring or disfigurement claims.

The two kinds of product liability situations are defective design and defective manufacturing. Victims of defective manufacturing have a pretty easy way or proving that the manufacturer’s negligence was the cause of the accident.

But defective design victims have a harder time because they must prove that the design was essentially dangerous for the consumer, and anyone using the product in a normal manner was at risk for injury.

In a previous case, the tough plastic surface of a “time bomb” toy that was supposed to be thrown quickly before an alarm sounded caused scarring. Another example was the glass of a toy breaking and slashing a child’s skin, embedding chemicals onto their skin and causing scars.

You Have Nothing To Lose

Plaintiffs in a disfigurement or scarring claims do not need any specific qualifications like being a legal worker, homeowner, citizen, or resident of the country.

Since they are personal injury suits, lawyers are paid a percentage of the final damage awards, and the client will not have any fees. Basically, there is no reason someone who has been wrongfully disfigured or scarred should not file a claim.

What Financial Help Is Available?

Burn injury victims have financial aid sources including legal remedies, health insurance, and worker’s compensation. Worker’s compensation payments normally give only a small percent of the cost of recovery for scarring victims.

This is because it must be proven that the employer is responsible for the injuries.

Health insurance cover most medical costs and treatments, but does not provide money for pain and suffering, lost wages, and sometimes not every medical expense.

A lawsuit can provide scarring victims a great amount of compensation for their injuries. Areas of compensation include: Medical bills, compensation for pain and suffering, lost income, punitive damages to deter future abuses, job retraining, and loss of consortium.

Why You Need To Consult With A Plymouth MA Scarring Claim Lawyer

At the Kevin P Landry Law Offices we understand how difficult it is to recover from damages for burn injures.

It can be complicated and difficult and as an experience Plymouth MA scarring claim lawyer I can help you determine which future damages you should seek.

A Plymouth MA scarring claim lawyer can also represent you in court.

Give us a call to get started.