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Massachusetts & Rhode Island Criminal Defense Attorney Kevin P. Landry

Massachusetts and Rhode Island personal injury lawyer Kevin P. Landry also has an extensive background in criminal law.  In addition to successfully settling hundreds of personal injury cases, attorney Landry has also helped many local residents settle, and move beyond minor and serious criminal charges.

Landry has obtained outright dismissals and aquittals for clients facing a variety of charges including drug possession, trafficking, domestic assault, home invasion and drunk driving.

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    If you are faced with a serious criminal charge, it makes sense to hire an attorney who understands our local Massachusetts and Rhode Island legal system.  Attorney Landry has been working in our courts for more than 20 years – he understands what is required to handle your case successfully.  Landry spends each day working and navigating the court system, in an effort to get his clients the best possible legal outcome.

    Contact Kevin P. Landry today if you are being investigated or charged for a criminal offense in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.  In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, there are severe penalties such as loss of driver’s license, loss of employment, loss of housing, loss of financial aid, probation and a wide array of penalties and fines for criminal offenses.  In addition, your own reputation and trustworthiness may be on the line.

    Contact Kevin today directly by clicking here or calling 800-200-7752.