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Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer

Rhode Island car accident lawyer rhode island car accident lawyer Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyer rhode island car accident lawyer

Finding  an experienced and competent Rhode Island car accident lawyer is extremely important if you have been involved  in a car accident in the state of Rhode Island.

Despite significant automobile and road infrastructure improvements, car accidents still remain a leading cause of injury and death in Rhode Island. If you have been injured in a vehicular accident, consulting with a Rhode Island car accident lawyer is highly recommended.

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    Oftentimes with car accidents, the cause of the accident is not due to negligence on the  injured parties’ behalf.  Many  automobile accidents in the state of Rhode Island will not result in litigation.

    Most car accident cases handled by a Rhode Island car accident lawyer will simply result in a settlement to the injured party.  Further, accidents in which there are only minor injuries can many times be resolved directly with the driver’s car insurance company-without having to go to court.

    At Kevin P Landry Law Offices, your attorney fee is only paid if the settlement is rendered in your favor. This creates a very low risk method in which you can investigate if you have a case that could result in a settlement in your favor.

    However settlements in RI typically result from attorneys who have a thorough knowledge of  the vehicular laws in Rhode Island. This is why finding the right Rhode Island car accident lawyer is so vitally important.

    Competent Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyers | Kevin P Landry Law Offices

    In  some cases, injuries sustained in an auto accident can be very severe.

    Often times the accident may not be your fault.   If you have suffered injuries from an accident, or had a member of your  family killed in an accident, having an experienced Rhode Island car accident  lawyer on your side can help tremendously.

    Many  people do not realize how devastating the results of a car accident can be until they are involved in one.  Car  accidents, whether minor or severe, can create lasting health and financial  consequences for all parties involved.   Often times the emotional toll that a serious accident has on family, friends   and loved ones becomes unbearable.

    In Rhode Island, the vast majority of car accident related deaths are caused by roadway departures.  A significant percentage of vehicular accident related deaths occur at intersections, while  many others involve large and light trucks.  Most of these accidents are related to alcohol consumption and excessive speed.  Having a Rhode Island car accident lawyer on your side can help tremendously under these circumstances.

    However, car accidents also affect pedestrians and bicyclists.  Unfortunately pedestrians and bicyclists are killed and injured each year in Rhode Island, due to negligence on the automobile driver’s behalf.

    Experienced Rhode Island Car Accident Lawyers Are Available for You

    Driver negligence, as well as driving distractions due to texting while driving continue to be two of the top causes of most Rhode Island car  accidents.  Especially recently, careless  cell phone use and in-car texting has led to many avoidable vehicular  crashes.

    Rhode Island’s poor winter weather and adverse weather conditions also contribute to significant numbers of car accidents each year.

    Vehicle maintenance issues such as a tires blowing out and brakes failing, can also lead to a vehicle crash.  Often the injuries suffered in an accident become worse due to faulty design or a manufacturing defect within the vehicle.  Therefore some litigation cases are not filed against another driver, but are filed  against a governmental agency or the manufacturer of a particular vehicle.

    This is one important reason why hiring a Rhode Island car accident lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Rhode Island law is essential if you hope to receive compensation following an accident.

    More Concerns for Car Accidents in Rhode Island

    Road debris causes many accidents in Rhode Island as well. More specialized Rhode Island car accident lawyer litigation cases emerge in hit and run accidents, car-pedestrian accidents, bus accidents and motorcycle accidents.  These types of crashes all too often result in devastating consequences for victims and require the specialized services of a Rhode Island car accident lawyer who is familiar with local vehicular laws.

    To help guarantee a positive outcome in a legal case, it’ critical that you get in touch with a Rhode Island car accident lawyer as soon as possible following an automobile accident.  In many cases, litigation is the only means  to receiving the monetary compensation a family deserves following a car accident related injury or death.

    If  you have been hurt by another driver’s gross negligence then contact a Rhode  Island car accident lawyer as soon as possible following the incident.  A competent Rhode Island car accident lawyer will help protect your rights and help you get the financial compensation you may  very well be entitled to receive.

    Contact  us today if you have been a victim of a Rhode Island car accident.  It is extremely important to have a competent and experienced Rhode Island car accident lawyer on your side when you are seeking damages caused by another driver’s negligence.

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