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fall river auto accident attorney fall river auto accident attorney When is it Appropriate to Fire Your Fall River Auto Accident Attorney? shaking hands 3091906 1920 300x152Choosing the best Fall River auto accident attorney can be a tasking process. However, they might not be a good fit for you and you might need to let them go. What are some of the reasons that you should fire your lawyer and how should you go about it?

When is it Appropriate to Fire Your Fall River Auto Accident Attorney?

Communication is a Problem

Your auto accident attorney is likely not working on your case only; they are working on others as well. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for poor communication. Before an attorney takes your case, they need to have the capacity to handle it.

This means that your calls, queries, and concerns should be addressed in good time whether it’s through a paralegal or an assistant. Your lawyer might not be able to personally return your calls or emails because they are in court or traveling but they can delegate these tasks to someone else within the law firm.

You should never feel like your attorney is ignoring you or that they aren’t actively updating you about your case.

Your Attorney is Unprofessional

Does your attorney appear unprepared or disorganized? Are they always late? Do they always seem to have missing documents or disorganized files? Your attorney should be prepared especially if your case is going to court.

They are Inexperienced

This means that they might not have much experience handling cases similar to yours. For instance, you might hire an attorney who knows how to handle car accidents that involve fractures or minor injuries. However, they might not have experience handling cases that involve hit and runs or severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries. Additionally, they might not be familiar with certain areas of the law.

For instance, your car accident might turn out to be a liability issue because your car had faulty brakes. If this is the case, your lawyer should do thorough research about product liability or consult another lawyer within your law firm who is knowledgeable about that area of the law.

You Don’t Like Their Advice

Your Fall River auto accident attorney could be pressuring you to settle the case but you feel you feel the settlement amount is too low to cover your costs. Alternatively, you might think the settlement amount is enough but your attorney prefers to push for more money.

Your attorney obviously knows the legal system and knows which practices will get you the best possible outcome. However, ultimately, the final decision lies with you. Your attorney is ethically bound to give you the best possible advice regarding your case in order for you to make an educated decision.