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bike accident lawyer providence Bike Accident Lawyer Providence: Causes of Bike Accidents mountain 2605151 1920 300x208According to the National Highway Traffic Administration, 2% of all traffic related deaths are as a result of bicycle accidents. There’s usually a common misconception that cyclists are to blame when they get into accidents. However, research shows that motorists are also to blame as well.

According to a report published by NHTSA, pedestrian and cyclist attitudes and behaviors were the most common causes of bicycle accidents. Below are some of the reasons as to why bicycle accidents happen:

Dooring Accidents

This is where a cyclist runs into an open car door. This is especially common in busy streets where cyclists are forced to ride closer to parked cars. Drivers should always ensure there are no oncoming cyclists before exiting their cars.

Side Swiping Cyclists

This typically happens when a driver doesn’t give a cyclist enough room while passing. Drivers should always maintain a safe distance from cyclists whenever they want to overtake.

Rear Ending a Cyclist

This happens when the driver is distracted or don’t keep a safe distance between the car and the cyclist.

Distracted Cyclist

Just like drivers are easily distracted by devices such as their mobile phones, so are cyclists. It’s important that you never take your eyes off the road while cycling.

Reckless Cycling

This happens when a cyclist does not follow traffic rules by running stop lights, cycling into the path of cars among other risky cycling behaviors.

Cycling Under the Influence of Alcohol and Other Drugs

Unlike driving under the influence, cycling while under the influence puts you at a greater risk of suffering severe injuries due to the limited protection that you have. Just like drivers shouldn’t drive under the influence of alcohol, cyclists also shouldn’t.

Bad Weather Conditions

Cyclists who are caught in a rain or snow storm are much less visible which makes it easy for drivers or even other cyclists to collide into them. In other cases, the sun’s glare might blind a motorist making it hard for them to see the cyclist.