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 A trusted car accident lawyer Plymouth MA explains the misconception with SUVs and larger vehicles, and why they may not be as safe as we assume.

Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA | Are Bigger Cars Safer? Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA | Are Bigger Cars Safer? Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA | Are Bigger Cars Safer? Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA Are Bigger Cars Safer  300x200When you picture the safest car out there, what do you imagine? Is it an SUV?

Most people make the assumption that driving a minivan, SUV, or truck is a safer choice.

In some situations this may be the truth, but often times larger vehicles present an array of issues regarding accident avoidance and rollover.

Some of these problems may have you appreciating a smaller car a little more.

Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA | Surviving A Crash

When it comes to crash survivability, larger vehicles definitely put you at an advantage if you crash into a smaller car. But this does not always determine whether or not you will survive a car accident.

One of the most important things to take into account with accidents is the design of the car.

Some characteristics of design that will put you in good shape during a crash are a well designed and strong passenger compartment that will withstand the impact and crumple zones that absorb and disperse the energy of a crash.

Larger vehicles also develop a greater amount of energy and momentum than smaller cars during a crash.

If you are in a larger vehicle like an SUV and you crash into a stationary object like a wall or a tree, the extra energy that your larger car carries can be damaging.


Another disadvantage that you find with larger vehicles is the rollover factor. These vehicles have a higher center of gravity.

Because they are taller there is a higher risk of rolling over than if you were in a small car with a low center of gravity.

As a car accident lawyer Plymouth MA I know that no matter what the size of your vehicle is, rollovers are not something that anyone wants to experience and can have severe consequences.

This is definitely something to take into account when buying your next vehicle.

Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA | Avoiding Collisions

Compared to smaller vehicles, the braking systems that larger vehicles have do not give them as much ability to stop quickly. Obviously, if you cannot stop quickly enough you are more likely to be in an accident.

The maneuver and handling of these larger vehicles also comes into play with accidents because they are less responsive; in a smaller vehicle this might not be the case.

In a larger vehicle you are up higher, which does allow you to see over smaller cars. Having better vision allows you to avoid things before some smaller vehicles may even have a chance to see them.

So the answer to the question; Are bigger cars safer? Not in all cases.

Car Accident Lawyer Plymouth MA | Closing Comments

I have been dealing with car accident cases for decades now, and I know how stressful and confusing they can get. The best way to handle a car accident is to trust an experienced professional.

A car accident lawyer Plymouth MA knows the nuances of MA laws as they pertain to accidents. There is no need for you to suffer alone on this, call us to find out how we can help you and what the next step is.

You may be entitled to compensation for things like medical bills, lost time at work, and any other pain and suffering.