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how to carry a passenger safely on your motorcycle How To Carry A Passenger Safely On Your Motorcycle couple 768607 1920 300x200Only if you are an experienced motorcycle operator can you carry a passenger safely on your motorcycle. This can’t be compared to carrying suitcases and luggage on the back of your bike.

If you want to carry a passenger safely on your motorcycle, you should consider going for a safety course. In addition, you should consider practicing for a while what you learn during your course in low traffic areas before carrying your passenger in a high traffic area.

Legal Issues

Your motorcycle permit does not allow you to carry a passenger but if you obtain a full motorcycle license, it shows that you are ready to carry a passenger on your bike.

Of course you should always follow Rhode Island’s DMV regulations for carrying a passenger on your bike. If you are not aware of the laws, you should contact your nearest driver license office with your queries.

Preparing Your Motorcycle For The Passenger

Not all motorcycles can carry passengers. If you want to invite a friend to ride with you on your Harley Davidson, for instance, you will need to get a passenger seat.  The seat should be big enough to carry two people comfortably. You should also install extra foot pegs for your passenger. A helmet for your passenger is also important.

Your Harley Davidson manual will give you valuable information about the weight limitations of your bike, equipment setup and operational recommendations. The manual will also tell you if you need to adjust tire pressure and suspension if you intend to carry a passenger.

Rhode Island has specific guidelines that your motorcycle must meet if you want to carry a passenger. For instance, it is not uncommon to be required to have a separate seating area and foot rest for your passenger. To avoid getting into trouble or causing an accident, don’t carry a passenger until you can comply with your state’s requirements.

Safety Tips For Passengers

Don’t assume that your passenger knows everything about riding safely with you. You should give them a few tips that they can use to ensure they are safe while on the road with you. Some of the tips include:

  • Tell them not to make any sudden moves that could affect your ability to control the motorcycle
  • They must be tall enough to reach the footrest
  • They must wear protective gear and a helmet
  • They must keep their feet on the foot rest at all times

Don’t ride with a person who doesn’t follow your instructions. It is very important that you communicate effectively with your passenger before and during the ride.

Don’t carry other people’s children on your motorbike without their parents’ or guardian’s consent. Even if the child is protected with the right gear and you follow all safety recommendations, riding a motorcycle is still risky. In addition, Rhode Island has a legal requirement for the minimum age a passenger should be to ride on a bike.

You should ask your passenger to take a safety course if you plan to travel with them frequently. This will help them understand the procedures necessary to prevent accidents while you are riding together.

How To Carry A Passenger Safely On Your Motorcycle

You will need to make some adjustments while you’re riding if you want to carry a passenger safely on your motorcycle. Your passenger’s weight can affect your ability to handle your motorcycle so the following tips can help:

  • Don’t over speed
  • Since clearance may be affected, you should be careful when turning corners.
  • When carrying a passenger, you should brake sooner than normal

Remember to start the motorcycle prior to your passenger mounting the bike.

Filing An Injury Claim After A Motorcycle Crash

If you were a passenger on a motorcycle and you got into an accident due to the rider’s negligence, then you have a right to file for an injury claim. You shouldn’t hesitate even if it was your relative or friend who was driving the motorcycle. This is because they don’t have to personally pay for your loss; their insurance coverage will pay for it.

Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you have been in a motorcycle crash, you need to contact a qualified attorney who has experience handling motorcycle accident cases. Our motorcycle lawyers are available to meet with you in the hospital, in your home or in one of our twenty office locations.

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