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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries to work in. According to Center for Disease Control, construction workers suffered fatal injuries in 2009 than workers in other industries did.

Causes of construction accidents depend on a number of factors…not all causes are easy to spot. Knowing about different types of construction site injuries will help you identify the type of injury you are suffering from and will help you avoid future injuries.

Common Types Of Construction Site Injuries

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  • Burns and Scarring

At a construction site, you can expect to find flammable chemicals, leaking pipes and exposed live wires. All these can cause a fire or an explosion. Although it’s rare for explosions or fires to happen at construction sites, there’s still a chance that they may happen and the results can be fatal.

  • Head Injuries

Sometimes objects fall at constructions sites. Anything could fall including tools or bags of cement that haven’t been secured properly. Depending on how heavy the object is or how dangerous it is, they can cause serious head or brain damage to construction workers. It’s very important that construction workers always wear safety equipment while at construction sites.

  • Spinal cord injuries

One of the biggest risks associated with working at a construction site is falls. Workers can fall from ladders, roofs, cranes, and any other heights. They can also slip on slippery surfaces or trip on an object or a raised surface.

  • Lacerations and cuts

You can cut yourself on broken glass, exposed nails, unsecured machinery and other hazards at the construction site. If you don’t get medical attention as soon as possible, you might end up with a serious infection.

  • Crushed bones and fractures

You are at a high risk of being run over by a large truck backing out of your construction site or getting crushed between vehicles. Sometimes the building where you are working in can collapse unexpectedly and seriously injure those who are inside.

  • Respiratory diseases

Working at a construction site exposes you to a lot of dust, which could lead to Pneumoconiosis, a chronic lung disease.

  • Limb loss

Heavy objects, pieces of machinery, and materials can fall on you or trap you. The impact of the fall can easily cut off your leg, arm or fingers. In other cases, the impact of the fall can crash the bones in your limbs and you may require amputation to save your life.

  • Loss of hearing

Building equipment and heavy machinery can be extremely loud and consequently lead to loss of hearing. If you don’t wear earplugs while operating a jack hammer or any other loud equipment, you might go deaf. If a heavy object falls on one side of your head or on the ear, it could lead to complete or partial hearing loss.

  • Loss of vision

If you are exposed to construction site hazards such as gases and chemicals, you run the risk of becoming blind. And even if you don’t instantly become blind, prolonged exposure to dangerous chemicals or gases may eventually lead to blindness.

  • Heat stroke and repetitive motion injuries

Construction work requires a lot of physical labor and you can easily suffer from overexertion related injuries. For instance, you can damage your joints and muscles when you overuse them. Furthermore, as a construction worker you might be required to work all year round regardless of the weather conditions.

So if you work in the summer heat, you run the risk of suffering from a heat stroke. If you don’t go to the hospital after suffering a heat stroke, you could suffer from kidney, heart or brain damage or even death.

During the winter months, you can suffer from frostbite, which could lead to loss of parts of the face, fingers and toes.

  • Lead poisoning

Unsafe work practices and construction sites can expose you to high levels of lead. According to CDC, 16% of construction workers had high levels of lead in their blood in 2002-2008.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Watching other workers getting injured at work or even watching them die from a work related accident can be a traumatic experience for anyone.

Legal Remedies For Construction Site Accidents

construction site injuries Types Of Construction Site Injuries Types Of Construction Site Injuries Lawyer 65 300x200If you suffer a fall while working at a construction site, you should file for workers’ compensation and file a personal injury lawsuit against your employer.

If you somehow get injured by construction equipment or machinery, you can sue the manufacturing company for product liability. You can also file a similar lawsuit if the safety equipment you were wearing failed to protect you in the event of an accident.

If you were ran over by a truck at the construction site, you can sue the supervisor for negligence. The supervisor is in charge of controlling the worksite and should be vigilant in preventing such accidents from happening.

If you are currently struggling with a respiratory disease that resulted from working at the construction site, you may have a product liability case against the manufacturer of the product that caused the illness or against your employer.

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You need to consult with a construction accident lawyer as soon as possible if you have been involved in a construction site accident in order to protect your legal compensation rights. Your employers’ workers’ compensation plan might cover your injuries but we can tell you from experience that all cases are unique and you might need legal representation.

Construction site accidents can be confusing and complicated. We understand the intricacies of the MA and RI court systems and we have plenty of experience handling construction injury cases. When you combine our track record of bringing our clients the results they deserve and our expert knowledge, you can be guaranteed that we will fight for your rights.

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