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car accident in fall river ma  6 People to Call After Your Car Accident Case in Fall River, MA. car accident 337764 300x169You might be the most cautious driver in Fall River but not everyone follows the same principles as you. There are drivers who will always drive while texting, others will over speed, others will drive under the influence, others will run a red light and others will break every traffic rule there is. You can’t control how other people drive but it’s important to know who to call after getting into a providence car accident.

6 People to Call After a Car Accident i Fall River, MA

1. The Police

No matter how minor your accident seems, always contact the police and notify them that you were in an accident. If your injuries are severe, call 911. They will walk you through how to do first aid while you wait for the paramedics to arrive.

Even if the accident is not that serious and there are no noticeable injuries, simply call the police to report the accident. When they arrive corporate with them but do not admit you were at fault or blame the other driver for the accident. If the police don’t come to the accident site, (this is likely to happen if there was no serious damage) make sure you file a report at the nearest DMV.

2. Your Insurance Provider

After an accident, it is very crucial to get the other driver’s insurance information. Other information you should gather from them include:

  • License number
  • License plate
  • Policy number
  • Phone number
  • First and last name

Don’t give the other driver your social security number. It’s not necessary. Once you have all the information listed here, call your insurance provider let them know you have been involved in an accident. Give them a summary of what happened, where it happened and if you have any injuries. Don’t admit fault and do not confirm anything that you aren’t sure about.

3. Tow Company

If the damage to your car was severe but you can still drive away from the accident, you should get it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. Driving a damaged vehicle only increases your chances of getting into another accident.

Anything as simple as a fender bender can affect everything from your air conditioning, to your hood and even your headlights. And even if your vehicle isn’t badly damaged, it’s likely that the paint job on it has been ruined so you might want to fix it. If your car has been badly damaged, you can always sell it for parts.

4. Your Employer

If your accident happened while you were working, then you might have to file for workers compensation. Not all accidents qualify for workers compensation. To find out if you are eligible for works compensation, read this.

5. Your Doctor

It’s very important that you go to the doctor as soon as possible following your accident. Many people make the mistake of not going to the doctor because they believe their injuries are not severe only to start feeling aches and pains after two days.

Not all injuries are visible immediately. Some take a while to manifest such as whiplash. In addition, the insurance company will argue that your injuries must not have been severe if you never went to the doctor immediately. You could end up getting little compensation or not being compensated at all.

Going to a doctor is also beneficial because they can testify in court and state what your injuries are. They will be able to explain your injuries using the proper terms. For instance, let’s say you injured your back during the car accident and as a result, you now have a pinched nerve. Describing your pain as a pinched nerve may not exactly make the jury or the insurer understand your pain. However, the doctor can explain that you are suffering from a herniated disc that’s irritating a nearby nerve which leads to pain that radiates to other parts of the body.

6. Your Car Accident Lawyer

You will need to call a lawyer to defend your case especially if you have been in a serious accident. Don’t speak to the insurance adjuster without talking to your lawyer first. What seems like an innocent thing to do without consulting your lawyer could end up costing you in the end.

Need to talk to a car accident lawyer? You can talk to one of our lawyers at Kevin P Landry Law Offices at 508-676-0001 or visit our Fall River, MA, offices today for a free initial consultation.