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fall river, ma car accident attorney  5 Reasons You Should Hire A Fall River Car Accident Attorney automotive 1866521 1920 300x200When most people get into a car accident in Fall River, MA, calling a car accident attorney might not be the first thing that comes to mind. You might be too emotional from the shock of being in accident or you might be severely injured to bother with the hassle of looking for an attorney to help you file your case.

Your friends or family members might advise you to let your insurance company handle everything or you should just file a car accident claim on your own because hiring a  car accident attorney in Fall River, MA, is expensive.

While being self-reliant or waiting for your insurance company to handle everything might seem feasible now, it might not be the right way for you to get justice. By hiring a car accident attorney, not only will you be protecting your rights but you will also be fighting to get the compensation that you deserve.

Hiring a car accident attorney in Fall River, MA, doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, we recently discussed how much it costs to hire a personal injury attorney and the kind of attorneys to avoid.

With that said, here’s what a car accident attorney can do for you.

1. Deal with Insurance Adjusters and Investigators

Dealing with insurance companies can get tricky and you might just end up losing a huge chunk of your compensation. Insurance companies are in the business of making money so don’t expect them to sympathize with your situation.

They will use all sorts of tricks to get you to accept an award amount that’s far less than what you deserve. An experienced car accident attorney will help you deal with insurance companies much more effectively. They already know the kinds of tricks car insurance adjusters use. Additionally, your attorney is in a better position to negotiate a better deal for you than you can.

2. Professionally Collect Evidence

We always advise car injury victims to take photos of the accident scene, gather witness information, driver information and their insurance details and anything that will help them create a solid case.

However, an attorney can collect evidence professionally to build a more solid case than you ever could. They will hire their own private investigators to track down a hit and run driver, they can issue subpoenas to obtain documents and footage from CCTV cameras at the accident scene and they can even hire a car accident expert who can reconstruct the accident scene and help your attorney build a better case for you.

3. Easily Obtain a Police Report

A car accident attorney is used to obtaining police reports with little or no effort at all. You on the other hand will have to deal with the bureaucracy of the police department and the unfriendly customer service.

4. Negotiate a Better Settlement for You

If we started counting the number of people who’ve had to take terrible settlements after their car crash, we’d probably never stop counting. Insurance companies and even the driver who is at fault might offer what seems like a good amount of cash to you as long as you don’t involve the police or an attorney.

You accept the cash only to later discover that it barely covers the damages to your car let alone cover your medical bills. A car accident attorney will negotiate a better deal that covers not only your medical bills (both present and future) but they will ensure you get compensation for:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Damage to property
  • Lost wages and future lost income
  • Wrongful death in case a loved one died in the accident
  • Punitive damages where applicable

5. Stop You from Admitting Fault

A client might be convinced that they are responsible for the accident so they should be the ones who should bear legal liability. This is a huge mistake. We always tell our clients to wait before admitting fault because there are a number of factors to consider before determining who is legally liable for an accident. We consider things such as:

  • Driver’s state of mind
  • State of the road
  • Weather conditions, etc.

Consult with a Car Accident Attorney in Fall River, MA

Don’t be lost in the fog of your own assurance. If you have been in an accident in Plymouth, contact an experienced Plymouth car accident attorney today. Let us go through the details of your case while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

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