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medical malpractice lawyer medical malpractice lawyer in providence: why you aren't getting along Why You Aren’t Getting Along With Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer woman 3187087 1920 300x177Most clients get along with their medical malpractice lawyers just fine but there are a few who just don’t. The problem could be with the clients or with the lawyers. There are a few medical malpractice lawyers in Providence that just don’t seem to know how to handle different types of clients. Some lawyers come off as arrogant while others seem to be warm and friendly, but that is a post for another day. Today, we are going to look at ways that clients make it impossible for us to work with them.

Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Along With Your Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Providence

1. Bombarding Your Lawyer With Your Medical Research

We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve had clients walk in with a stack of “medical research” they have done on the internet. We understand that our clients are being helpful but we have better research tools at our disposal and we have to do our own research.

Your lawyer might not tell you but bombarding him with stacks of your own research is annoying. You should be able to trust your lawyer enough to let them do his job efficiently. Chances are he’s already dealt with a case similar to yours so he is familiar with your type of case. Unless something bizarre happened to you while you were at the hospital, you should avoid overwhelming your lawyer with your research.

  1. Calling All the Time

You have a right to stay up to date on the details of your case but calling your medical malpractice lawyer all the time is excessive. Even calling them once a week is excessive.

We usually let our clients know when something very important happens like when new information comes up, a settlement offer, etc. We wouldn’t sit on information that’s crucial to your case. If we have nothing new to report, we most likely won’t contact you.

Only call your lawyer when you have something crucial to tell them. Besides, calling your lawyer all the time takes him away from working on your case and other clients’ cases.

  1. Turning Your Lawyer into a Therapist

Being a victim of medical malpractice can turn anyone into an emotional, depressed human being. We understand this and we try as much as possible to empathize with our clients. Unfortunately, some clients mistake their lawyers for their therapists and as a result, begin to air out their personal problems.

While we understand that talking about your problems is therapeutic, we are not the right people to talk to. If you find yourself needing to constantly talk to someone, you should talk to a friend or a therapist but don’t call your lawyer just so that you can air your problems.

  1. Referring to Someone Else’s Case

We’ve had clients come to us with high expectations based on the outcome of someone else’s case. They expect to be awarded the same amount in damages as the other person was. What these types of clients don’t understand is that no two lawsuits are alike.

Unless you had the same procedure, the same doctor, the same medical outcome, the same medical bill, the same job and a whole lot of other same factors, there’s no way your lawsuit will be worth the same as another one.

When you try to increase the value of your medical malpractice case by comparing it to another case, you are basically telling your lawyer that you don’t trust his judgment or you are questioning his abilities. There are a number of factors your lawyer will consider before deciding how much your case will be worth.

What clients forget is that they are paying us on a contingency fee basis so we are paid only when they get paid. There’s absolutely no reason for us to take a low ball offer. The more money you receive in damages, the more we earn.

Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Providence

Most personal injury clients do not intentionally annoy their lawyers. They often believe they are “helping” or simply “following up” on their cases when in real sense they are preventing their lawyers from doing their jobs efficiently.

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