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ri car accident lawyer tips | automobile crash injuries Tips Plymouth, RI Car Accident Lawyers Want You to Keep in Mind car accident 2165210 1920 300x188As a RI car accident lawyer, I see a lot of injuries.

An oftentimes, people didn’t even know they had them when they were first in the accident.

No matter if you’re in Rhode Island, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with any injury – and especially those injuries involved in an automobile accident, there are extreme forces which can cause serious injuries.

These forces cause injuries that are very different than the everyday strains and sprains people experience regularly.

RI Car Accident Lawyer Advice on Accident Injuries

Car accident related injuries oftentimes target the weakest points in the body such as the neck, head, back, knees, and wrist.

In a previous post, we showed the five most common accident injuries you need to watch out for.

Directly following any kind of personal injury accident you might experience some mild discomfort. This soreness may feel similar to pulling a muscle or straining a joint.

To many people, these aches and pains feel like the pain experienced after exercise or strenuous activity.

However, in automobile accidents, the pain typically gets worse over time instead of less when you experience a muscle strain from strenuous activity. What’s worse is that in many cases, symptoms can take months to severely affect a person’s life, finally reaching its fullest capacity, long after the accident has occurred.

The pain from these injuries can not only be debilitating, but in some cases can be permanent.

If You Are In An Accident in RI…Call a RI Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in a car accident in the state of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Bedford, Providence, Warwick or on Cape Cod – especially if you’re severely injured, get yourself to a hospital.

But as soon as you’ve been treated, don’t make the mistake most people make and call your insurance company.

Instead call a car accident lawyer who can help you to get coverage for your injuries from either your insurance company or that of the guilty party.

Remember that insurance companies in Rhode Island don’t want to pay claims. They want to keep their money and not give you what you deserve in most cases.

Contact a RI car accident lawyer like those in our law firm and protect your rights as a consumer.