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[object object] What Can a Plymouth Truck Accident Attorney Do For You? highway 3392100 1920 300x200When you get into an accident with a large commercial truck or semi-truck, there’s a high chance that you’ll get injured or worse, lose your life. Very few people have ever escaped accidents involving trucks unscathed.

Kaleb Whitby is one lucky guy who escaped from one of the most horrific accidents in January 2015. His car was pinned between the trailers of two semi-trucks in a 26-car pileup on interstate 84 in Oregon. The crash only left two things intact; the marred shell surrounding Whitby’s seat and Whitby. He survived with a bruise on his left eyebrow and a few scratches on his right hand.

You might not have been as lucky as Whitby and you might be looking to file a truck accident injury lawsuit in Plymouth. The good news is you might have a case and the bad news is truck accident injury lawsuits are complicated and require different legal considerations than a typical car accident.

This means that you need to hire a Plymouth truck accident attorney to help you with your case. Here’s what they will help you with:

  1. They’ll Use the Law to Help You

The trucking industry has a number of laws and regulations that only apply to it. For instance, there are laws that regulate truck maintenance, maximum truck weight, driver test requirements and commercial driver’s licenses. The trucking company or the truck driver’s liability in the accident will be affected by these laws.

  1. Identifying Potential Defendants

Being involved in a commercial trucking accident means more than one person can be held legally liable for your injuries. Insurance companies, the driver’s employer, the trucking company and even the driver can be held accountable for the accident. While you might overlook some of the responsible parties, your accident truck attorney will be able to identify the parties responsible for your accident.

  1. Negotiate with the Other Side

Your Plymouth truck accident attorney has the skills needed to negotiate a fair settlement for you. Most personal injury cases are settled before trial. Your lawyer will look at the following points to determine whether your case should go to trial:

  • How strong your evidence is
  • How strong the other party’s evidence is
  • Challenges of trying the case
  • Your chances of winning the case
  • Jury verdict and settlement outcomes in similar cases

After analyzing all the above factors, they will begin the settlement process with the party responsible for the accident. She will continue updating you about the settlement offers being rolled out and whether or not you should take them or wait for something better.

  1. They will use Discovery to Your Advantage

Discovery is the process through which you and the defendant’s attorney disclose the facts and documents related to your case. Unless you are an experienced attorney, it might be hard for you to take advantage of discovery tools like depositions, requests for admission and interrogatories to use the facts in your case to your advantage. Given your attorney’s experience, they will be able to use the tools to win your case.

  1. Determine Who is at Fault

Proving the person who should be held liable for the accident is the most important factor in a commercial truck accident. Insurance companies and even trucking companies would rather not pay out huge sums of money in damages if they can prove they were not at fault or if they trick you into admitting fault.

Your attorney’s job will be to prove who was at fault in the accident and in cases where you are both at fault, she will work to ensure that you recover a portion of your damages.

What Our Plymouth Truck Accident Attorneys Will do for You

At Kevin P Landry law offices in Plymouth, we know how stressful it can be to recover from a trucking accident that wasn’t your fault and the last thing you want is the added stress of dealing with insurance companies.

Our work will be to deal with the hospital, insurance companies and other attorneys on your behalf while you concentrate on making a full recovery from your injuries. We have a proven track record of results and you can check to see what our clients are saying about us.

Let us help you get the justice you deserve. Contact our Plymouth truck accident attorney by dialing 508-746-2700 or by visiting our offices today for a free initial consultation. We can also come to your hospital room or wherever you feel comfortable at your request.