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When you go the hospital, you likely expect that surgeons and staff will take care of you during your stay. Unfortunately, congested hospitals and inadequate staffing levels have negatively impacted the quality of care delivered to patients. Patients can no longer blindly trust that they will receive the necessary care that is required of medical professionals.

Patients can prepare for a hospital stay by learning about common-sense ways that medical professionals can do to prevent hospital errors. Campaign Zero provides checklists to patients and helps them become informed about the standards that medical professionals must meet in a hospital environment. Armed with this knowledge, patients can stay aware of any ways in which medical professionals fail to deliver the required standard of care under the law. These checklists contain information about easy ways to reduce medical errors, such as propping a patient’s bed at a 30-degree angle to prevent pneumonia or using bleach wipes to kill germs in a patient’s room. Patients can also consume high-protein snacks to ward off bedsores and develop strength in recovery.

Becoming Informed as a Patient in the Hospital

The creators of Campaign Zero founded the campaign so that patients could be aware of their legal rights. The checklists promulgated through the campaign also help patients understand what they need to enjoy a safe stay in the hospital. The checklists put together simple actions that patients can take so that they recover as soon as possible from an operation or illness.

Karen Curtiss is responsible for creating Campaign Zero and drafting the checklists that are now fully utilized by patients during their stay in the hospital. Curtiss consults informative sources like academic publications, information from the Centers for Disease Control and nursing care textbooks. She also consults with medical professionals to draft her checklists. Ultimately, she creates checklists that are easily readable and that anyone can understand.

Using Checklists to Hold Surgeons and Medical Staff Accountable

Hospital safety checklists are effective because patients can quickly scan them for information. They can also prepare for recovery ahead of time rather than consult Google when a problem arises. Checklists empower patients to learn how to deal with the aftermath of a heart attack or other serious operation. The hospital safety measures that patients take can help them avoid having to wind up back in the hospital. Patients are also more likely to ask questions about their care, and this can ensure that surgeons and staff members stay aware of the quality of care that they are providing to patients. Staff members will be more likely to deliver an excellent quality of care to patients if they are constantly asking them about their treatment.

Researching Hospitals Ahead of Time

Curtiss also believes that patients should take the time to research hospitals before choosing one for medical care. It is important to check out the Consumer Reports rating that a hospital has to ensure that one will not be the victim of medical errors. You can also ask members in your community about the experiences that they have had in receiving treatments at a hospital. If one complains about the lack of treatment that he or she received from nurses, then it may indicate that there are too few nurses on staff at the hospital.

In addition, you can always select a new hospital if you are not having a positive stay at a hospital. There are some doctors or nurses who get frustrated when patients ask too many questions. It is important for you to show that you have the power to decide where to pay for your treatment, and you do not have to subject yourself to a hospital that has sub-standard care.

Speak with Medical Malpractice Attorneys Today to Discuss How A Hospital or Doctor May Have Contributed to Your Injury

In the event that you are injured due to medical malpractice, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Medical malpractice lawyers can help you file a lawsuit against a hospital or doctor in charge of your care. You have every right to receive reimbursement if you have not received adequate medical care. Get in touch with medical malpractice lawyers today to learn more about whether a doctor’s actions constitute medical malpractice.