providence auto accident attorney providence auto accident attorney Providence Auto Accident Attorney: Importance of Photo Evidence girl 1192032 1920 300x200Pictures can be a very persuasive form of evidence in a Providence auto accident claim. It is very important to immediately document the scene of an accident before anything distorts it to get the most accurate information. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an auto accident, you should contact a Providence auto accident attorney as soon as possible who will help to protect your rights and secure the compensation you deserve.

How Auto Accident Photos Can Help Your Providence Auto Accident Claim

They Act As Evidence

An auto accident scene can be very chaotic and confusing. We understand how disoriented someone might be after an accident and it may not be easy to notice every single detail about the accident. However, taking pictures will help you preserve details that can be used for further analysis.

They Provide Details

Photos provide details such as:

The Extent of Property Damage

It’s very easy for the party at fault or even your insurer to downplay the extent of property damage caused by a car accident if you do not have proof. Additionally, the other party can also claim that the damage to your car, for example, was a result of another incident.

Don’t rely on your insurer to take photos of your car either because they might not take them until hours or days later. Who knows what might happen to the accident scene or the damaged property within that time frame? You should take the photos as soon as you possibly can to preserve the details.

The extent of Your Injuries

Taking pictures of your injuries while they are still fresh will make a bigger impression on juries when you decide to file an auto accident lawsuit. In fact, they can sway the jury or the judge in your favor compared to presenting medical reports and x-rays.

They Show How the Accident Occurred

Important details such as skid marks, road debris, weather conditions, and road conditions can help show how an auto accident occurred. And even if the photos do not show exactly how an accident happened, they might reveal information the at-fault party purposely left out or lied about.

They Can Identify Witnesses

If you were not able to get contact information from witnesses, photographs might be used to identify anyone who was within the area at the time of the accident.

How to Take Useful Photos to Boost Your Providence Auto Accident Claim

It’s important to follow these guidelines when taking pictures of a car accident scene:

You Can Never Have too Many Pictures

It’s better to have too many pictures than very few. Claim investigators and even your Providence auto accident lawyer would rather go through mountains of photos in search of important details. You might think the photos look similar but they might not all reveal the same details.

Get Closer

If you can move closer to the accident details without disturbing the accident scene, the more details you will be able to capture. If you have a good camera phone, you can zoom in and take quality pictures. Details such as the license plate number or even the face of the party at fault require you to get closer, otherwise, the details might be lost if you take a picture too far away.

Take Wide Shots

You’ll be able to capture details regarding the surrounding area and the auto accident scene such as the road and weather conditions.

What if You Can’t Take Photos After an Accident?

If you suffered a serious auto accident injury in Providence, RI, you might not be in a position to take photos. We always recommend car accident victims to seek treatment first and then contact a Providence auto accident attorney. If you’re not able to take pictures, you can ask a trusted person to do it for you.

Do Police Officers Take Pictures of an Auto Accident Scene?

A police officer may take pictures of an auto accident scene especially if it is a violent collision. State or local authorities may also take pictures if they are called to investigate and collect evidence from the scene.

Call A Providence Auto Accident Attorney after Taking Pictures

While photos and videos might help you to prove your case, you do not need to go through the hassle of dealing with the insurers alone. At Kevin P Landry Law Offices, we take care of the stressful part of filing for an auto accident claim while you focus on recovering. Get in touch with our Providence auto accident attorney today by calling 401-751-0101 to schedule your free initial consultation.