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motorcycle riders what are the risks faced by motorcycle riders on the road? What Are The Risks Faced By Motorcycle Riders On The Road? motorcycle riders 267x300

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Motorcycle riders face a number of risks while they are on the road. While motorcycle riders enjoy the freedom that comes with their preferred mode of transport, they are also exposed to some dangers that car drivers and motorists don’t face. Riders do not have any substantive barrier between their motorcycles and the roadway. This leaves them vulnerable to serious injuries when an accident occurs.

If you are a motorcycle rider, you must be aware of your legal rights and solutions if you are involved in a road accident. Motorcycle insurance laws are very different from car insurance laws so you should consult with a motorcycle accident attorney regarding insurance laws in your state.

Risks That Motorcycle Riders Face On The Road

1. Visual Recognition

A motorcycle makes visual targets that are much smaller. What’s worse is that these targets are likely to be blocked by other cars, poor weather conditions and the road. Approximately 70% of most motorcycle versus car collisions occur at road intersections.

2. Road Hazards

Some hazards might be considered as minor irritations to a car but major ones to a motorcycle. These include debris, puddles, oil slicks, potholes and other objects on the road such as railroad tracks, uneven pavement and ruts.

3. Speed “wobble” Accidents

The front part of a motorcycle can become unstable and start to wobble especially when traveling at high speeds. This usually occurs when the rear and front tires are misaligned. If you get into a motorcycle accident because of this problem, then you can hold the motorcycle manufacturer liable for any injuries you incur.

4. Riding Skills

Unlike operating a car, riding a motorcycle requires more physical coordination and skill. Many motorcycle crashes occur as a result of motorcycle riders failing to appreciate limitations or lacking basic riding skills and other operating characteristics of the motorcycle.

How To Stay Safe When Riding Your Motorcycle

Harley Davidson is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturing companies and they have tones of information on how to stay safe when riding your motorbike. Some of them are listed below

  1. Don’t weave through cars. While this might be tempting when there’s heavy traffic, it’s one of the many ways that motorcycle riders get injured
  2. Make sure you wear reflective gear and ride closely to the white divider line on the road to make yourself as visible as possible.
  3. Don’t ride in a car’s blind spot
  4. Have an escape route when you realize that a car has begun to merge into you.

How To Determine Legal Responsibility For A Motorcycle Accident

Just like car accidents, motorcycle accident claims are governed by the same legal concept of personal injury and negligence.

Faulty Motorcycle Manufacture Or Design

Motorcycles do not have occupant protection and crash worthiness. They are light in weight, they don’t have safety belts, airbags, roof or a door. They have two wheels and are less stable than motor vehicle.

Although many factors such as inexperience, contribute to motorcycle accidents, a defect in the manufacturer of the motorcycle should also be considered as one of the possible causes of a motorcycle accident.

A skilled personal injury lawyer is familiar with any product liability concerns or recalls involving specific motorcycle models. They are in a good position to help you determine whether you can file a lawsuit against a motorcycle manufacturer or not.

Get Legal Help

If a loved one or you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, the first and most important step that you should take is to protect your legal rights. Ensure that you meet with your attorney to evaluate your case and determine who is at fault. A lawyer who is skilled in motorcycle accident liability will help you with issues pertaining to liability determinations, medical treatment issues, car regulations and compliance with traffic laws. It is recommended that you meet with a lawyer as soon as possible so as not to miss legal deadlines for filing injury lawsuits.

We are a team of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers and we know that injuries occur even in “minor” crashes. Many injuries are not readily apparent and can only be diagnosed by a doctor so you should seek medical care as soon as possible if you have been involved in a motorcycle crash. Call us now and get legal help.