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contingency fee problems new bedford auto accident lawyer How To Solve Contingency Fee Problems with Your Auto Accident Lawyer dollar 499481 1920 1 300x212Each lawyer may have a slightly different arrangement for how much they wish to get paid, the general rule is that New Bedford auto accident lawyer contingency fee should be between 30-45%.

The most important thing to consider before hiring a New Bedford auto accident lawyer is how much it’s going to cost you. Contingency fee here means legal fee that is paid to the lawyer only when they win a settlement for you or after a successful trial.

You can always negotiate New Bedford auto accident lawyer contingency fee depending on the nature of your case and the cost of pursuing it.

Problems With New Bedford Auto Accident Lawyer Contingency Fee.

Case Expenses

Most auto accident lawyers or personal injury lawyers for that case will spend their own money to cater for case expenses up front. In some situations, they might have to pay large sums of money to obtain crucial evidence for the case such as deposition of expert witnesses and witnesses, exhibits showing injuries and medical records.

If a client is injured too badly to return to work, some state laws might allow the attorney to extend loans to clients and even pay their medical bills. To find out if this law might apply to you, you should talk to your New Bedford auto accident attorney for more information.

You will have to pay back all case expenses once you are out of recovery. Most lawyers have contracts that waive any expenses they incur in the event that they lose the case. This way, you won’t have to pay up legal fees for a case that wasn’t successful.

What If You Choose To Fire Your New Bedford Auto Accident Lawyer Mid-Case?

Switching Lawyers

If you decide to fire your lawyer and consult a different one, the first lawyer will have a lien for his expenses and fees on the case.

Deciding You Do Not Need Representation Any More

There may be situations where a New Bedford auto accident lawyer has been working on a case for weeks or even months and their client decides to fire them. This may be because the client does not want to pay legal fees so they opt to try and settle the case on their own.

Despite the fact that the lawyer has been dropped from the case, they are still entitled to a reimbursement of their fees and expenses and can sue you and the defendant for failing to honor and protect the attorney lien. They can recover not only reimbursement of their expenses but can recover extra attorney fees and in some cases punitive damages.

If you find you are in a scenario where you need to let go of your lawyer, you should ask them to agree to seek no expense or fee interest in the case. This agreement should of course be in writing to avoid future discrepancies. A copy of the contract should be sent to the defendant to avoid any future delays.

What If Your Lawyer Terminates Your Agreement?

If your lawyer terminates your agreement, then they are not entitled to any New Bedford auto accident lawyer contingency fees or any other fee for that matter. If they decide not to continue with your case, ensure that they put it in writing. Your document should clearly state that they will not seek any lawyer fees and they specifically waive expense lien. Don’t forget to forward a copy of the document to the defendant to avoid any future delays based on attorney fees.

Hiring A New Bedford Auto Accident Lawyer

The emotional and physical toll of an accident can make you feel desperate and helpless. The situation can feel even more overwhelming when you have medical bills mounting up and your injuries threaten to deny you a chance to continue working.

At the Kevin P Landry offices, the emotional strain an accident can cause is well understood. We can help you pursue your case and fight for your rights. We can help you seek full compensation entitled by the law including wages missed and monies for medical bills.

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