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best auto accident lawyer in fall river best auto accident lawyer fall river 8 Useful Tips the Best Auto Accident Lawyer in Fall River Will Give You business 3560931 1920 300x200Following a car accident, your next step will be to get legal help from the best auto accident lawyer in Fall River, MA. However, while they may help you get the best possible outcome for your case, there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind once you find the best car accident lawyer.

8 Useful Tips the Best Auto Accident Lawyer in Fall River Will Give You

You Don’t Always Need an Auto Accident Lawyer

You might be wondering why auto accident lawyers near you won’t take your case. This is because your case doesn’t need you to hire one. Yes, we always say that you need to always hire a lawyer if you’ve been involved in a car accident but this isn’t always the case. A good auto accident lawyer will review your case to see if:

  • Your damages or injuries are serious
  • The fault is easy to establish
  • The party at fault will be able to compensate you
  • Your story is credible
  • Statute of limitations hasn’t or isn’t almost expired

If, for instance, you were involved in a fender bender and there was only a slight scratch on your car, you are better off pursuing compensation without a lawyer because the damage is not significant.

Tell the Truth

An auto accident lawyer in Fall River will only take your case if they are convinced that your story is legit. However, if your story has loopholes or you exaggerated some details, it might be hard for them to proceed with your car accident claim.

It is therefore your responsibility to come up with proof of your claims. For instance, if you were rear-ended and you suffered whiplash, a medical report from your doctor will be able to back up your claims. If you were involved in an accident and the party at fault was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, a police report might prove your claims. you should therefore always be prepared with all the relevant documents for your free initial consultation.

Dress Well for Court

It doesn’t matter how progressive or liberal you think you are; the jury will judge you based on how presentable you are. Dressing scantily can be distracting and the judge might conclude that you do not care about your case enough. It also takes away from your credibility. Therefore if your lawyer advises you to dress a certain way, you should follow their advice.